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Organic Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil

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Our authentic and pure, steam distilled Organic Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil is an intoxicatingly rich, beautifully aromatic organic sandalwood oil that is sure to catch the attention of those seeking an exceptional, sustainable alternative to the virtually extinct Indian Sandalwood Oil.

Santalum paniculatum is a variety of sandalwood tree that is found only on the Island of Hawaii and thrives in the region's unique climate, botanical and altitude conditions. The Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood trees are majestic and produce beautiful white flowers.

Our Organic Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil is sourced from a reputable and ethical family-owned forestry organization that carefully harvests and distills the organic Santalum paniculatum wood with care, commitment and emphasis on sustainability practices.

Aromatically, our Organic Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil is similar to that of Indian Sandalwood (Santalum album). It is deeply rich, woody, balsamic, sensual, slightly sweet and some will say that it possesses subtle, underlying floral characteristics. In aromatherapy and fine fragrancing applications, Organic Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil acts as a tenacious, grounding base note that helps to round out fragrances. The aroma of sandalwood is traditionally loved by both men and women. Organic Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil blends beautifully with many other essential oils and natural aromatics including precious florals such as neroli and jasmine, other wood essential oils and oils in the earth, herbaceous and spice families.

In skin care applications, Organic Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil helps to balance the skin and can help soothe dry and problem skin. It is a wonderful choice for use in creams, lotions, toners and other fine skin care formulations.

Organic Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil contains over 63% alpha and beta santalol and is well suited for holistic aromatherapy and personal/skin/hair care applications in which its key constituents are beneficial: epi-a-Santalol, epi-B-Santalol, cis-Nuciferol, cis-a-trans-Bergamatol, trans-B-Santalol, cis-Lanceol and B-curcumin.

Emotionally and spiritually, sandalwood is considered to be grounding and provide a sense of calm and peace. It is often used within the practices of meditation, prayer and yoga for its ability to help center the mind. Traditionally, sandalwood and sandalwood oil has also been used in India and throughout the world in the making of natural incense.

Origin: USA
INCI: Santalum Paniculatum (Sandalwood) Oil
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Shelf Life: 8 Years

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Burnt Orange
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